Thatching Origin

Reed is a plant species that grows best on the border between water and land. As along lakes, ponds, ditches, rivers and canals. Reed suitable as thatching for thatched roofs must be from a freshwater area. In the Netherlands, reed from: Friesland (the Makkumer Waard), North Holland, Stellendam, Nieuwkoop lakes, large rivers and especially from Overijssel (the Wieden and Weerribben around Giethoorn, Vollenhove and Belt Schutsloot). About half of the cane processed in the Netherlands come from abroad. Reed is imported from countries such as Hungary, Austria, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, China, Estonia, Poland and Russia. Reed buyers (the reed trade) goes annually to look and perform quality checks in the countries where we buy the reeds. Here are then made proper arrangements and become the reeds put on transport to the Netherlands.